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The idea of accessing a database that instantaneously identifies a manufacturer as being morally inviolate is, in theory at least, quite marvelous.
Instead of tying up the server with high-bandwidth video, HSM allows the video to be stored offline, while enabling the entire file to remain instantaneously available.
Everything is here instantaneously so they expect it to be returned almost instantaneously.
Our base has very complex system needs, and critical information has to move instantaneously across our entire network.
This fundamental difference gives VISFD systems many minutes of lead-time that will save both life and property allowing an operator to verify the situation instantaneously from the images on his computer screen.
This product does not require a bake on step and cures instantaneously at molding temperatures.
They want vehicles that can hover at the ocean floor and instantaneously respond to the current to hold their positions.
With observational powers that make Holmes, Wolfe, and Morse look like three blind mice, millionaire recluse Zero solves mysteries instantaneously.
It provides audio and visual alerts before each turn and instantaneously reroutes you if you miss a turn.
To be able to talk instantaneously to people around the world is magic.
With a click of the browser and the tap of a mouse, products are offered and accepted or rejected instantaneously.
The Smart Nanobattery promises an energy source that can be packaged in various configurations, with shelf life lasting decades, yet still able to be activated almost instantaneously on demand.