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Current or present.

When composing a legal brief, an attorney might use the phrase the instant case in reference to the case currently before the court to distinguish it from other cases discussed.


adjective approaching, at once, at the pressnt time, at this moment, close, close at hand, current, early, existent, forthcoming, forthwith, imminent, in process, looming, near, near at hand, punctual, punctum temporis, ready, simultaneous, speedy, without delay
Associated concepts: instant case, instant motion
See also: crucial, current, expeditious, immediate, imminent, important, insistent, instantaneous, pending, point, present, prompt, rapid, requisite, urgent

INSTANT. An indivisible space of time.
     2. Although it cannot be actually divided, yet by intendment of law, it may be applied to several purposes; for example, he who lays violent hands upon himself, commits no felony till he is dead, and when he is dead he is not in being so as to be termed a felon; but he is so adjudged in law, eo instante, at the very instant this fact is done. Vin. Ab. Instant, A, pl. 2; Plowd. 258; Co. Litt. 18; Show. 415.

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