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To incite, stimulate, or induce into action; goad into an unlawful or bad action, such as a crime.

The term instigate is used synonymously with abet, which is the intentional encouragement or aid of another individual in committing a crime.


verb abet, actuate, agitate, coax, encourage, enflame, enkindle, excite, fire, fire up, foment, generate, goad, impel, incite, induce, inflame, initiate, inspire, inspirit, invigorate, lure, motivate, move, persuade, prevail upon, prod, prompt, provoke, push, spur, start, stimulate, stir up, thrust, urge
Associated concepts: code of conduct for law enforcement officials, entrapment
See also: abet, activate, agitate, bait, evoke, exhort, foment, goad, harass, impel, incite, induce, inspire, lobby, motivate, pique, press, prompt, provoke, spirit, stimulate, suborn, urge
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He further said that Awami National Party (ANP) and Pakistan Peoples' Party (PPP) were also trying to instigate hatred against PTI.
Whenever a clergyman comes to Iraq and preaches for virtue and good, we welcome him, but to interfere in Iraq's domestic and political affairs to instigate commotion, for sure he is not welcomed, whether he is al-Qaradawi or any other.
com)-- Joining a select group of industry leaders, Matt Schreyer, co-founder and principal of Instigate, a leading talent-management firm, was recently named to the Board of Directors of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA).
Summary: BEIRUT: Future Movement MP Ziad al-Qadiri said Monday attempts to instigate intra-Sunni conflict would fail as he denied the existence of any personal disputes between the Future Movement and Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati.
We should abolish the Human Rights Act and instigate a policy of removing immediately all illegal immigrants.
Emirates President Tim Clark urged Airbus to instigate program management changes quickly and refocus its energies on getting the program back on track.
There is something to learn about Lee and his vision from each of the films, and Aftab is a perceptive writer who has deftly edited and crafted the director's comments to counter or to instigate remarks from a number of notables, including sharp reactions from several family members.
Evidence of animals sensing where people are looking and what they're seeing is interesting yet hardly new ("Monkey See, Monkey Think: Grape thefts instigate debate on primate's mind," SN: 3/12/05, p.
Their goal, rather, is to instigate a 'crisis of thinking' about children's services.
Then, form comes to 'embody' content, rather than instigate it.
But although her cooler waters have begun to chill El Nino's fever, La Nina is likely to instigate her own set of problems.
Under the bill no member of health services shall be allowed to go or attempt to go call or attempt to call, participate or attempt to participate, instigate or attempt to instigate and observe or attempt to observe a strike or demonstration for whatsoever reasons.