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To incite, stimulate, or induce into action; goad into an unlawful or bad action, such as a crime.

The term instigate is used synonymously with abet, which is the intentional encouragement or aid of another individual in committing a crime.


verb abet, actuate, agitate, coax, encourage, enflame, enkindle, excite, fire, fire up, foment, generate, goad, impel, incite, induce, inflame, initiate, inspire, inspirit, invigorate, lure, motivate, move, persuade, prevail upon, prod, prompt, provoke, push, spur, start, stimulate, stir up, thrust, urge
Associated concepts: code of conduct for law enforcement officials, entrapment
See also: abet, activate, agitate, bait, evoke, exhort, foment, goad, harass, impel, incite, induce, inspire, lobby, motivate, pique, press, prompt, provoke, spirit, stimulate, suborn, urge
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To claim that it was the LNP that instigated this important independent investigation into our biosecurity capability is simply incredible and I am calling her to issue an immediate retraction.
In a statement today Cleveland Police Authority said: "We are aware it is being suggested that the costs of the investigation, which was instigated by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary and is being led by the Chief Constable of Warwickshire, will be met by Cleveland Police.
VOSA had "declined to tell" how many recalls it had instigated in 2010, but further investigation found a Freedom of Information response on its website which said: "VOSA has not been required to use its powers to force a manufacturer into conducting a recall.
Obviously, if any of the violence is instigated by the Government, it should stop immediately," White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs said at a news briefing.
He instigated the transfer and hence should not be entitled to the 30 per cent.
BEIRUT: Mount Lebanon Mufti Mohammad Ali Jouzo stressed on Monday that he opposed the restitution of the president's constitutional powers since those privileges instigated Lebanon's 15-year bloody 1975-1990 Civil War.
Also, it is about time that we instigated a foreign policy of only giving aid to countries that are attempting to limit population growth.
How sad it is then to hear about the spiteful antics from certain quarters within the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) who have instigated a campaign to get the very real Pippa Wagstaff banned from Facebook.
27) and continued violence and mass demonstrations instigated by the Syrian and Iranian-backed group Hezbollah.
Of especial interest are the concluding sections that compare Alexander's heroic and villainous legacies--he spread the Greek ideal (if not practice) of democracy, was committed to tolerance, and respected women more than most of his age; but then, he also crushed the practice of democracy in Greece and instigated bloodshed in the form of war and conquest.
That would be a fitting epitaph to the Rampart scandal, instigated by a few bad cops that unfairly stained the entire Los Angeles Police Department.
Having heard that footwear was a major problem for San Francisco's homeless, Deloitte donated 1,800 new shoes and instigated an equivalent sock drive to go along with the shoes.