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A'He stressed that Saudi Arabia is instigating people to terrorism and perpetrating massacres in Syria, adding that the so-called "the Islamic Front" is also a terrorist organization.
The government failed to act against those prominent political leaders who have been instigating the people with hateful speeches leading to the flare up of communal riots," he said.
The board is to look at instigating a formal process for reviewing the performance of the president and kaiwhakahaere, which could be used to assist improve performance and identify training needs.
27, Naji said, "We are convinced that events in Shu'la are planed by the occupiers aimed to create crisis to keep occupation forces stay, through instigating Sadrists, because their departure date is getting close.
Summary: BEIRUT: South Lebanon Investigative Magistrate Munif Barakat requested life imprisonment with hard labor for Mahmoud al-Bizri, who was charged with instigating sectarian strife, the the state-run National News Agency reported on Thursday.
The Osmonovs had to leave the country in 2007 due to false charges with instigating participants of the rally in protest against Jerooy Altyn and Andash mines to hurl stones on the Prime Minister's motorcade.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: An Iraqi lawmaker on Wednesday called to take measures against MPs proved "implicated" in instigating violence, stressing the overseeing role played by the Parliament.
I WROTE a rather terse letter (December 9) after the collapse of the Kieren Fallon trial at the Old Bailey, in so many words castigating the chairman of the Horseracing Regulatory Authority, Sir Michael Connell, for instigating criminal proceedings against Fallon, and suggesting that there was absolutely no chance of obtaining a conviction.
Creating such tensions and instigating ethnic sentiments .
When body fluid, or even water, enters the battery, the liquid soaks the crystal-infused paper, instigating a chemical reaction that generates free copper, magnesium chloride, and electricity.
We will soon be instigating the policy in our Coventry office and hope that support for environmental methods in the workplace will significantly improve.
Although the report sent to the JetHawks stated that Abercrombie was suspended for instigating ``on-field violence,'' the suspension miffed the coaching staffs of both teams since no physical contact between the teams occurred after the benches cleared and no players were ejected.