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Nonetheless, women's communities are hard to infiltrate, which renders it difficult to know what is going on inside of them in terms of instigative or Takfiri rhetoric, due to their "closed up" nature.
Wani Igga the Speaker of the South Sudan Legislative Assembly, in addition to other old staff and deadwood SPLA-Civilian politicians who shall be re-appointed or/and rotated in the GoSS ministries to continue falling the South with their corruption spree, shameless tribalism, instigative insecurity and incredible incompetence.
It denounced repeated Iranian officials' instigative statements which aim to stir unrest and fuel tensions in Bahrain, flouting the principles of good neighbourliness, international laws and norms and the UN and OIC charters.
Ghulam Haider Jamali also directed the police to take steps against offensive wall-chalking, instigative speeches and sale and distribution of provocative pamphlets and such other material.
The misleading media is fabricating news on Syria and promoting instigative fatwas on a larger scale than that in Algeria, yet the scheme of aggression against Syria is nearing its end," Bu Mojweitt said.
In a statement issued yesterday, it described such calls as attempts to "escalate tension as well as the ongoing instigative discourse".
The study has thrown light that media personnel in Pakistan are generally insensitive towards women-oriented issues and men acknowledge their need to play a more instigative role in ending violence.
The Speaker voiced confidence in Lebanon to take the necessary measures towards those hostile statements and wrong and instigative accusations which, he said will never drive wedges among the people of Bahrain.
Visiting Patriarch John Yazigi of Antioch and all East for Greek Orthodox Church in the Mariamite Cathedral in Damascus, al-Sayyed pointed out that instigative and Takfiri fatwas issued by "Wahhabis" do not represent the Islamic mentality, adding that these calls are politicized and serve the enemies of the Arab nation.
Iranian mosque imams deliver instigative sermons calling for the establishment of an Islamic Republic in Bahrain - which was done by extremists during the unrest.
Manama, Feb 11 (BNA) -- In line with the festive atmosphere witnessed by the Kingdom of Bahrain on the occasion of celebrating the 13th anniversary of the National Action Charter and the continuation of the National Consensus Dialogue sessions, Public Security Chief Maj-Gen Tariq Al-Hassan stressed the need to avoid breaching security and public order, especially the illegal instigative calls that have been circulating across social networks and websites.
Damascus, (SANA)- Foreign and Expatriates Ministry stressed Thursday that the fatwas and statements being issued by so-called Muslim scholars to incite terrorism in Syria are part of an aggressive instigative campaign targeting the country.