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Under his leadership, OIRA has become less of a reactive, "end of the pipeline" reviewer and more of an activist, instigative organization than under any previous administrator.
In particular, these studies have reported a central role of the frontal and parietal lobes, as well as the thalamus and limbic system, despite different research protocols and instigative spiritual practices.
In the early years, such developmental trajectories are prompted by certain developmentally instigative characteristics (e.
Does Eagleton believe that the poets of the Black Arts movement in America had no instigative effect on African-Americans' struggle for civil equality and autonomy in the 1960s?
He calls these attributes developmentally instigative characteristics.
And already almost overcome and conquered not moderately by instigative and internal appetite, silently thinking, thoughts among me variously altercated: 'O most happy, above any other lover, is he who will join to her in love, if not wholly, in least in a shared part.
I would like to know who was more instigative in this scheme to industrialise the beautiful heart of Wales than Cynog Dafis and Dafydd Huws?
The instigative part that these words play in the murder of Duncan is echoed in the story of Ranz, father of Juan, the narrator of Corazon tan blanco.
In discussing the available correspondence and the translations themselves, I shall focus on two main components of this disagreement and briefly touch upon a third: first, the instigative role that Duncan and Blaser's relationship at the time played in this dispute; second, the differing translation strategies used by these writers in their work on Nerval; and third, the historic shift this moment represented both for the Bay Area poetry communities in particular and the New American poetries in general.
Officers, whether symptomatic or non-symptomatic, tended to give responses indicating cognitive avoidance, resignation and emotional discharge throughout the inquires dealing with stress, instigative reasons for the riot, and the impact of the riot.
It might also prove problematic for instigative offenses such as inciting to riot or soliciting a crime and for some instances of vicarious liability.
As both communists and reformists intended, Largo fell; it is not clear how our understanding of these events is to be enhanced by minimizing the instigative and necessary role of the communists or the co-ordination of communist-reformist socialist efforts towards a common goal.