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Such reasoning and such laws are neither political, useful nor true: but a legislator ought to instil those laws on the minds of men which are most useful for them, both in their public and private capacities.
He wanted to make them feel that this was the first consciously serious step in their lives; he tried to grope into the depths of their souls; he wanted to instil in them his own vehement devotion.
And as for all the wisdom and goodness you have been trying to instil into me--that is all very right and proper, I daresay, and if I were some twenty years older, I might fructify by it: but people must enjoy themselves when they are young; and if others won't let them--why, they must hate them for it
Never postpone business," is the very first lesson we instil into our commercial pupils.
Yes, in the first place, I endeavored to instil enlightened ideas into the densest of all heads.
In three years ideas had rooted themselves in the common sense of this township, hitherto so lacking in intelligence that a passing traveler would perhaps have thought it hopeless to attempt to instil them.
And the very idea of having you to care for under my roof would force me to moderate my expenses and live like a Christian - not to speak of all the prudence and virtue you would instil into my mind by your wise counsels and sweet, attractive goodness.
The sentiment they instil is of more value than any thought they may contain.
No, no, I have taken care to instil such principles into him--"
Bute Crawley endeavoured to instil her sister-in-law a proper abhorrence for all Rawdon Crawley's manifold sins: of which his uncle's wife brought forward such a catalogue as indeed would have served to condemn a whole regiment of young officers.
I've tried to instil it into him, many and many's the time; but'--John added this in confidence--
I trust, sir, that I have never pointed the noble instrument which is placed in my hands, against the sacred bosom of private life, or the tender breast of individual reputation; I trust, sir, that I have devoted my energies to--to endeavours-- humble they may be, humble I know they are--to instil those principles of--which--are--'