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This years grants also include up to 2 million earmarked for projects with a military ethos, following the success of initiatives like Commando Joes and Challenger Troop, which use the expertise of former armed services personnel to instil resilience in children.
My answer is for parents to instil justice and ambition into their children's lives, to encourage them to sit their GCSEs and to be proud to do so.
Forty percent of people in the UK with Internet access have purchased goods online but the potential for future growth is still immense, according to e-business consultancy and software firm Instil.
A new scalable online auction system has been launched by UK-based e-business systems provider Instil.
UK e-commerce software development firm Instil Ltd released on Friday software to allow companies to easily set up consumer web auction sites, to be remotely hosted and managed by Instil.