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The show is an educational and entertaining live show, in which Millan demonstrates his instinctual techniques on how to establish a balanced and happy relationship with dogs.
Just like heart auscultation, ADR is a technique that allows a specialist to learn how to diagnose and interpret mechanical neuromuscular signals, whereby the significance of these impulses is the "dictionary" used to analyse a structural map in which neurological correlations between events, emotional states, instinctual drives, and physical reactions are established and maintained.
Emotional conflict takes place between the instinctual drives (id) of the personality and the demands of the conscience (superego) or society.
Saura's loose, whimsical brushstrokes and bold washes of color lend her paintings an instinctual, child-like spontaneity that belies her sophisticated command of composition, balance, shape, coloration, and line.
I am sure many readers who took the time were taken back to more instinctual times.
We like the scrappy, dangerous, instinctual and real.
It is only through an instinctual will to survive and the unselfishness of Old Tallow, the woman who had long ago rescued Omayaka, that the family is able to see their way through the winter and to their journey's end.
The new Animal Planet is full of exciting, instinctual stories that will bring out the raw, visceral emotion in the natural world and lead viewers to see animals as characters, not merely creatures.
EVOLIST would begin the discussion by linking Dickens at his worst to the instinctual desire for pleasure or gratification, a narcissistic indulgence in one's own exquisite sensations at the expense of realism or reality, and Dickens at his best to the human capacity to transcend instinct and to confront, intellectually and emotionally, the deeper complexities or "dissonance" of existence.
He examines the fascination that draws some to become psychotherapists, the many conflicts therapists can contain, either consciously or subconsciously, the ways in which practicing psychotherapy can be satisfying to those seeking their own healing, motives related to instinctual aims and those related to narcissism and the development of the self, and motives involving object relations.
His problem solving techniques are astonishing as he analyses everything but at the same time is highly instinctual.
A WHEN you talk about your loved ones, there's a different emotion that takes over, instinctual, as opposed to your job.