institute legal proceedings

See: litigate
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However, that won't prevent us from satisfying the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights and well institute legal proceedings in other courts and in other countries.
Yeung BIHL's latest statement to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange said: "Following an investigation over the past five months, after seeking legal advice, the board of directors of the company has resolved to institute legal proceedings against Mr Yeung, Asia Rays and Amazing Top in connection with alleged breaches of fiduciary duties of Mr Yeung whilst serving as a Director and a director of BCFC.
We will have no option but to institute legal proceedings against both X-force and GLL.
Replying to an RTI application by M AIL T ODAY , the army has revealed that 42 cases have been received by the MoD since 1990 from the J& K government requesting sanction to institute legal proceedings against army personnel, but no such request has ever been accepted.
We should institute legal proceedings against the figures, who are behind importing these expired useless devices, which resulted in shedding the bloods of many Iraqis," he added.
We have given instructions to our South African attorneys to institute legal proceedings on an urgent basis to protect our company and all contestants," the company said in a statement.
Bethlehem / PNN -- Palestinian and international efforts continue to institute legal proceedings for the prosecution of Israeli officials in the commission of war crimes.
You could also instruct a solicitor to institute legal proceedings in nuisance, but be aware of the relatively high level of costs.
If they do not, we will then institute legal proceedings to have then evicted.
Consequently the Law Society believes that these provisions should be abolished because it forces people to institute legal proceedings rather than encouraging dialogue and settlement with litigation being a last resort.
However, Mr Ingram admitted the Government would not back calls for the ombudsman to have the power to intervene in investigations ( or institute legal proceedings ( warning it would "undermine the chain of command and prosecuting authorities".
Its release at this moment in time could prejudice the investigation and the ability to institute legal proceedings at their conclusion,' he said.

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