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1723-1793), Compendiaria metaphysicae institutio (Venetiis: Apud Laurentium Basileum, 1784); Christoph Haunhold (1610-1689), Logica practica in regulas digesta (Bambergae: Sumptibus Martini Gobhardt, 1752); Caspar Pfliger, S.
Except for Plato, who allowed only mature individuals to leave their country so that the entire community would benefit from their experience, (50) most philosophers have insisted on the importance of traveling for the institutio puerorum.
See Richard E Wevers, Concordance to Calvin's Institutio, 1559 (Grand Rapids, Mich.
Sutton, LCL (Cambridge: Harvard University, 1942); Marcus Fabius Quintilian, Institutio oratoria, trans.
The word institutio does not necessarily have the sense of a linguistic convention where that implies agreement between a number of speakers.
Quintilian, at the beginning of book 12 of his Institutio Oratoria asks, "What is the perfect orator?
Angelo Poliziano began his professorial in the fall of 1480 lecturing at the University of Florence on Statius' Silvae and Quintilian's Institutio Oratoria.
This practice went against the rules of separation between Church and State originally outlined by Calvin in his Institutio christianae religionis (IV, XI, 5).
For reasons that will be made clear below, however, it seems most likely that the meaning of the term in this context is rather that given to it by Quintilian in the sixth book of the Institutio oratoria, where it designates the faculty of judgment which enables the orator to gauge and respond successfully to the circumstances in which he is speaking.
Lipsius' Institutio epistolica should be complete as in the latter's criticism of Pliny which should end "et parum virum," that is "and of not enough strength" (186) and Lipsius' definition of the letter which concludes "aut quasi absentes," that is "or as if absent" (198).
Vives' De ratione dicendi is as a rhetoric not comparable with Agricola's De inventione dialectica (93), Demetrius' On style is from a completely different age than Lipsius' Epistolica institutio (95), and so on.
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