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The commencement or initiation of anything, such as an action. An establishment, particularly one that is eleemosynary or public by nature.

An institution can be any type of organized corporation or society. It may be private and designed for the profit of the individuals composing it, or public and nonprofit.


(Commencement), noun beginning, inception, initiation, installation, installment, open introduction


(Custom), noun academy, alliance, bylaw, canon, code, custom, established usage, familiar practice, fraternity, institute, law, league, ordinance, organization, permanent rule, place of education, prevalent practice, regulation, union
See also: association, building, concern, corporation, custom, firm, formation, foundation, installation, institute, organization, prescription, rubric

INSTITUTION, eccl. law. The act by which the ordinary commits the cure of souls to a person presented to a benefice.

INSTITUTION, political law. That which has been established and settled by law for the public good; as, the American institutions guaranty to the citizens all privileges and immunities essential to freedom.

INSTITUTION, practice. The commencement of an action; as, A B has instituted a suit against C D, to recover damages for a trespass.

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Upon successful completion of the study program, students are awarded a degree from the foreign institution.
Especially with its concern for analyzing the evolution of institutions, classes and groups of people over time, as well as explaining individual human behavior in social contexts, social history is fundamentally a social science.
A report is generated for the receiving institution to warn them of suspect transactions.
The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the National Credit Union Administration, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and the Office of Thrift Supervision (the agencies), and the Conference of State Bank Supervisors asked insured depository institutions on September 1, 2005, to consider all reasonable and prudent steps to assist customers' and credit union members' cash and financial needs in areas affected by Hurricane Katrina.
For example, at my institution for the academic year 2004-2005, a graduate assistantship package included a stipend includes a stipend of $7,120, a tuition waiver worth $5520, coverage of medical insurance costing $621 and $180 for health center fees.
Now, when we need it most, institutional critique is dead, a victim of its success or failure, swallowed up by the institution it stood against.
For instance, rather than meeting the needs of consumers, institutions fall into the trap of thinking that others--even the consumer--exist to meet the needs of the institution.
Sponsorship of or arrangement for an awards banquet for high-school, preparatory school or two-year college athletes by an institution, representatives of its athletics interests or its alumni groups or booster clubs.
It concludes: "Directors stressed that progress on Bank-Fund collaboration will remain a challenge, requiring steady implementation and sustained commitment, in particular by the country teams of each institution.
The American Association of Colleges, which was comprised of American college presidents and was also formed in 1915, rejected the 1915 Declaration of Principles, partly because the AAUP membership excluded college presidents and faculty below the rank of full professor and partly because of the statement's institution of the tenure system.
At another level, the danwei was an important institution because it provided an important source of regime legitimation for pre-reform China.
This type of advance preparation literally can make the difference between the success or failure of a student in a foreign de gree program, and the work done in such a course (for instance, an English-language term paper or final exam that could be included with an application to graduate school) can significantly increase the likelihood of competing successfully for admission and financial assistance in a foreign institution.

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