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Coun Tyrrell said: 'My main concern is that the commission was supposed to be looking into the problem of institutionalised racism and yet it is made up of what can only be described as figures from the establishment.
The project's inception dates back to 1989 when, frustrated by the limitations of the institutionalised care of their children, and by prejudice, exclusion and feelings of guilt, a group of parents decided to found an educational and support association named 'Turbulences'.
Pressure was growing on Sir Paul yesterday to accept Sir William's definition of institutionalised racism.
The report is said to contrast the view of Sir Paul, who has consistently rejected the accusation of institutionalised racism, with other senior officers, who accepted that racism was ingrained in the police service.
The Lawrence family today demanded to see the full inquiry report into their son's death which accused the country's biggest police force of "pernicious and institutionalised racism.
A Birmingham black rights group is calling on West Midlands Police to admit to the Stephen Lawrence inquiry there is institutionalised racism in the force.
Stephen's father Neville was disappointed by Sir Paul's refusal to acknowledge the existence of institutionalised racism in London's Metropolitan Police.