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By the time BEIP was begun in 2000, the Romanian government had begun reuniting children with their birth families, cutting Romania's institutionalized population in half.
Additionally, the Cronbach alpha for the 21-item scale was computed for each group in the study: the institutionalized group (n=40) were .
This measure targets only two areas of government regulation--those relating to land use and zoning and those dealing with institutionalized persons.
In most cases, those who do have access to government subsidies, health care and social services must do so through the lens of institutionalized heterosexuality: as "single" people and as legally unmarried, and many undergo discriminatory treatment as patients as a result.
Under a provision in the 2003 Medicare Modernization Act, Medicare Advantage plans can limit enrollment to beneficiaries who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid, or long-term institutionalized beneficiaries.
Similarly, a will that disinherits an institutionalized spouse will also cause an ineligibility period for Medicaid purposes.
To help coordinate the recruitment and training of the volunteers who provide friendship and support to more than 80 group home residents, many of whom have been institutionalized for most of their lives.
In many current dictionaries only the second definition of religion refers to a set of specific institutionalized beliefs known as "the world religions.
Now such collusion is official policy and is being institutionalized at a rapid pace.
The experience of institutionalized racism begins right away at the new Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, South Africa.
And Murphy's the one who's getting the lion's share of praise for the new hit thriller ``Don't Say a Word,'' for her portrayal of an institutionalized depressive with a secret that ruthless criminals will take any steps necessary to extract from her shattered mind.