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Not only the international community but also the government of Afghanistan in the course of the implementation of the Bonn Agreement was partly unsuccessful in building permanent institutions for the intention of institutionalizing democracy in Afghanistan.
Regardless of the formal recognition of democracy by the Bonn Agreement, in the post-2001 period, both the Afghan government and the international community paid less attention in providing the ground for institutionalizing democracy in Afghanistan due to the ongoing challenges of warlordism and the Taliban-led insurgency.
This vision and the new organizational constructs serve as the foundation for institutionalizing systems engineering rigor for all DISA programs, regardless of the acquisition category.
Continued emphasis on institutionalizing these business systems engineering principles is a DLA priority as the agency acquires and introduces more and more COTS-based business systems.
See footnote, "The Rise of the Event-driven Business Model") The problem, however, is that virtually all of the estimated $100 billion in enterprise software developed in the last few decades has been specifically focused on the old model, in effect, institutionalizing it in code.
We are confident that Rick will play a key role in moving GTP to the next level of excellence by institutionalizing our best practices and creating a scalable and repeatable service engagement strategy - all of which will become critically important as we take on larger projects in new geographies from our existing list of Global 2,000 clients.

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