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Pete Gallego, D-Alpine, tries to instruct budget conferees regarding fully funding education funding; that goes down.
In this case, that would translate into the fact that the trial court, barring something unforeseen, would instruct the new jury in accordance with the ruling of the appellate court as to the applicability of the doctrines of RIL, the doctrine of the non-delegable duty of a surgeon for responsibility for the accuracy of "the count," and the captain of the ship doctrine.
For example, if you normally instruct two step classes per week using two risers and know you will teach four this week, use one riser as an alternative.
Law enforcement officers also instruct real estate agents on ways to identify ding users and notice signs of drug abuse, both factors that can warn realtors of an impending problem.
Later, the Court of Appeals reversed the decision, holding that judges should instruct juries about AICPA standards, which authorize withdrawal from an audit engagement based on good cause.
NetOp Instruct is a user-friendly, plug-and-play program that gives businesses and organizations the ability to teach new processes and procedures to employees at their computers in an interactive setting.
Go Instruct, which leases adapted vehicles to driving instructors, has invested more than pounds 6m in its fleet of vehicles since it founded and is looking to add at least another 150 over the next 12 months.
gt; instruct is used when the teaching is done in a formal or orderly manner.
is to instruct a musician on the vihuela de manoin the same way as a teacher would do for a pupil who had never played.
For Class A high-rise office buildings in the Plaza District, for example, the guidelines instruct the Assessor to assume annual gross income of between $27 and $57 per square foot, a market asking rent of $37.
In many companies, internal training and knowledge sharing still consists of mainly PowerPoint presentations, but with NetOp[R] Instruct, we can offer a solution that is much more dynamic.
GAO was asked to examine (1) the extent to which teacher preparation programs require preparation for general classroom teachers to instruct these student subgroups; (2) the role selected states play in preparing general classroom teachers to instruct these student subgroups; and (3) funding and other assistance provided by the U.