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We applaud the willingness of our new instructional paraprofessionals to accept this promotional opportunity in support of our instructional program," says Dr.
Arranging difficult cases early in the instructional sequence may be beneficial for a number of reasons.
Traditional instruction includes teaching strategies where students learn by listening to information presented by the professor, such as, lecturing, classroom discussions and recall instructional model, (Huitt 1999).
Web-based instructional materials can be used as self-paced tutorials without re-creating the traditional classroom environment online.
Tracing its roots to Vygotsky's theory of intellectual development (1962, 1978, 1983), the notion of scaffolding may potentially provide an instructional mechanism through which students might be enabled to create links between representations.
We look forward to our coming together in Spring 2001 for an evaluation of the Instructional Equipment and Library Materials Fund planning processes and the early implementation of planning for fiscal year 2001-02.
Instructional coordinators evaluate how well a school's curriculum meets students' needs.
The ability to access instructional components from one remote location and deliver them to many other locations.
For more than two decades, districts have been required to teach disabled students alongside nondisabled peers, and remove them from regular classes only when they can't be educated satisfactorily with instructional aides and other support services.
These exercises offer students a change in instructional modes and an opportunity to practice and absorb more fully the techniques and information discussed by the instructors.
Appreciate the learning theories applicable in Instructional Design.
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