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DOJ memo instructs federal antiterrorism officials to apprehend and interrogate thousands of undocumented immigrants with deportation orders.
Therefore, if a depositor properly instructs a financial institution and complies with all requirements of the financial institution, and the financial institution is late in transmitting a tax payment to the Treasury, the financial institution could be charged for the time value of the lost funds.
After determining that the call is an off-net call to the PSTN, VoiceFlow instructs the VoIP endpoint and the media gateway to exchange media directly.
She's used to a very comfortable life, even under Hitler; when Walter, who went to Kenya ahead of the women, instructs his wife to bring a refrigerator, she uses precious trunk space for the family's fine china instead.
Under the ACH Credit method, the depositor instructs the bank to send a payment directly to the Treasury's account at the Federal Reserve Bank.
Digital Photos For Dummies instructs consumers on taking digital photos, uploading and categorizing them on their computer, and printing high-quality pictures.
La Reina instructs girls in grades seven through 12, and draws students from as far west as Ventura and as far east as Woodland Hills.
Even if the donor instructs the conduit organization as to where the funds will be distributed, for purposes of the substantiation requirements the donee organization is the conduit organization.
The output is an optimized wafer map that instructs the Stepper/Scanner on how to maximize the number of dies printed in certain areas which meet the pre-specified yield threshold.
Then, using the Standard Industry Classification (SIC) code of the taxpayer, the manual instructs the agent to compare the computed ratios of the taxpayer to standard industry ratios found in such services as Robert Morris Associates, Dun & Bradstreet and Moody's.
In each episode, TetraPond demonstrates and instructs the viewers on how to easily create a water garden.
4, 2000 and effective July 18, 2000, instructs local medical carriers that "Both coverage and payment for these procedures are carrier determined.