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Under the IRS proposal, a governmental retirement plan would be a plan that is established and maintained for its employees by the government, an agency of the government, or a governmental instrumentality.
Two tests have emerged for determining whether or not an entity is an "agency or instrumentality," which the FSIA vaguely defines as a "separate legal person.
Grantee is a college or university that is an agency or instrumentality of a foreign government or of any political subdivision thereof and uses the grant exclusively for charitable purposes; or
In light of current debates about art's social instrumentality, this approach is right on the money--and suggests that while Manifesta may be footloose by nature, the shoeprints it leaves could become permanent.
Providing any device or other instrumentality for transferring money or other financial assets
An analogous facilitating or coordinating instrumentality for local progressive communities is a missing element (in the absence of well-established left parties and institutions in the United States), but because such an instrumentality has not existed, the activists are not attuned to its absence.
Consistent with the theoretical claim, regression analyses indicated that perceived instrumentality was a significant predictor of both intrinsic and extrinsic valuing, even when controlling for learning and performance goals.
The instrumentality theory enjoys something of a monopoly among the news media and is a veritable litmus test for membership in Washington's intellectual establishment.
The instrumentality of the love-object in the first text, and the tendency towards identity of the two friends in the second, are both set against a philosophical tradition (or traditions) inquiring after the nature of the highest love.
Section 1831 punishes the theft, misappropriation, wrongful alteration, and delivery of trade secrets when accused parties intended to, or knew that their misconduct would, benefit a foreign government, instrumentality, or agent.
DOI Acting Commissioner Frank Maas said, "While computers can serve as an instrumentality of crime.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- The Commonwealth of Virginia Treasury Board's $25 million State Instrumentality Notes, 1996 series (commercial paper), are rated 'F-l+' by Fitch Investors Service.