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the employer frequently views the refusing employee as insubordinate.
having an insubordinate attitude) I was finally told to leave--I
There was a group who dragged their feet and were insubordinate and I gave them a good b***king.
Atwell makes her entrance by punching an insubordinate soldier in the face and she embraces her role as the gutsy love interest with fervour, sparking smouldering screen chemistry with Evans.
The Romans tended to associate marriage with military indiscipline, fearing that relationships with women would make for soft, lazy, luxurious and insubordinate soldiers.
In the world of workshops, there are no lazy or insubordinate employees.
Despite repeated warnings to cable operators issued from time to time, public complaints received indicated the insubordinate manner of cable operators in complying with PEMRAs directives.
Such fractious behaviour is tantamount to an insidious and insubordinate act against the policy of the same president who appointed him.
The masterpiece tells about Prometheus, who is insubordinate to the Olympian order, who confers creativity, science and civilization to the human by bestowing fire to them, suffers great pain in return.
Stanley McChrystal over insubordinate remarks made in a Rolling Stone profile and instead put Gen.
But, one by one, the goofy neighbors turn out to be ruthless assassins with their gun sights set on insubordinate Spencer, who's unable to keep his wife from entering the line of fire--whereupon she does an awful lot of screaming.