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Yes, sir, it is; and it's only right to talk to him, too, because it's just as she says; she's trying to keep up discipline in the Rangers, and this insubordination of his is a bad example for them - now ain't it so, Marse Tom?
Mr Quilp accompanied this admission with such an awful wink, indicative of old rovings and backslidings, that Mrs Jiniwin was indignant, and could not forbear from remarking under her breath that he might at least put off his confessions until his wife was absent; for which act of boldness and insubordination Mr Quilp first stared her out of countenance and then drank her health ceremoniously.
It was scarcely a time for such inactive musing, when affairs of the deepest moment required the ruler's decision, for within that very hour Hutchinson had received intelligence of the arrival of a British fleet, bringing three regiments from Halifax to overawe the insubordination of the people.
Pelet's establishment, the combined insubordination of the pupils had effected the dismissal of more than one English master.
Among all classes of them we became aware of a growing insubordination.
Hints that were untrue, of course, were given of insubordination all over the land, crudely disguised with complacent references to punitive measures to be taken.
In the days that followed, as Dawson grew closer and closer, Buck still continued to interfere between Spitz and the culprits; but he did it craftily, when Francois was not around, With the covert mutiny of Buck, a general insubordination sprang up and increased.
Mercado was relieved from his position in December 2017 for his supposed insubordination and insistence on a supplier for the combat management systems (CMS) for the frigate project.
Two weeks before President Kenyatta nominated Justice Kariuki to take over from Prof Githu Muigai, the JSC had formed a special committee to look into the misconduct and insubordination allegations against the Court of Appeal judge and three of his colleagues Erastus Githinji, Martha Koome and Fatuma Sichale.
ISLAMABAD -- The National Database and Registration Authority on Friday dismissed from service its deputy chairman Syed Muzaffar Ali over misuse of authority and insubordination, ignoring a stay order issued by a local court that restrained the authority from taking any disciplinary action.
The court said Tapia's insistence on reporting for work at PSU-Binmaley did not amount to disobedience, citing a June 24, 2016 ruling of the Civil Service Commission, which also dismissed the complaint for insubordination filed against him.
The Command also revealed that 20 others were demoted for offences bordering on gross insubordination, incivility and drunkenness, among others.