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Depression also was strongly associated with sleep duration and symptoms of insufficient sleep (adjusted OR, 7.
8-fold more likely than were normal-weight individuals to have had at least 14 days of insufficient sleep in the past 30 days.
Sufficient levels existed in 70% of the 305 patients, and insufficient levels were in 30%; the overall average level of 25(OH)D was about 40 ng/dL.
There were wide variations between member states, with the highest proportions of those finding airport security insufficient ('taking into account 'don't knows') were in Cyprus (35%), Italy (24%), Greece (20%) and Portugal (20%).
The Tax Court found that the R trust instrument provided for payment of estate taxes and legal costs if the residuary probate estate was insufficient, and that the estate taxes and legal costs should be paid out of R assets that otherwise would go to M.
The Scotland Yard spokesman said: "We have been informed today by the CPS that there is insufficient evidence to charge.
First, the Board believes that there is insufficient transparency in the AICPA's peer review process.
NHS services to help smokers quit are insufficient to hit national targets to reduce smoking rates, a doctor claims.
Greece: no progress is addressing the challenge of ensuring the long-term sustainability of public finances; the impact of reforms to improve labour productivity and scope for the unemployed to find work unclear; effective competition in the electricity sector not guaranteed; level of transposition of internal market Directives falling; measures to improve employment rate insufficient.
The court found an Eighth Amendment violation due to mosquito infestation coupled with insufficient screen gauge, which exacerbated the heat problems by deterring death row inmates from opening their windows to increase circulation.
Poor catechesis and insufficient knowledge of Scripture and its proper interpretation ,account for the popularity of "the rapture" theory.

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