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In this respect our situation bears another likeness to the insular advantage of Great Britain.
This case presents no difficulty on my view, for a hooked seed might be transported to an island by some other means; and the plant then becoming slightly modified, but still retaining its hooked seeds, would form an endemic species, having as useless an appendage as any rudimentary organ,--for instance, as the shrivelled wings under the soldered elytra of many insular beetles.
Yes it was emotion, not the brilliant sunshine--more brilliant than warm as is the way of our discreet self-repressed, distinguished, insular sun, which would not turn a real lady scarlet--not on any account.
To the insular cynic and the insular moralist they offer an equal opportunity.
The persecuted young woman had but to beckon a finger and Soapy would be practically en route for his insular haven.
During the four years since his puppyhood he had lived the life of a sated aristocrat; he had a fine pride in himself, was even a trifle egotistical, as country gentlemen sometimes become because of their insular situation.
de Tapeworm continues his system of stupid insular arrogance and vulgar falsehood against the greatest nation in the world.
Her insular notions of propriety rose in perpetual revolt against Pesca's constitutional contempt for appearances; and she was always more or less undisguisedly astonished at her mother's familiarity with the eccentric little foreigner.
The insular nature of Great Britain obtruded itself upon his notice in an odious form.
When The Boondocks, a sometimes irreverent and brash comic strip, debuted in newspapers last year, the insular world of national cartoon syndication witnessed the birth of one of the most critically acclaimed and potentially lucrative comic strips.
The IOC used to be an insular group with lifetime appointments.
AN INSULAR ROCOCO: architecture, politics and society in Ireland and Britain, 1710-1770