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A closer look at the critical reception of the "Ode on Melancholy" will help to demystify the second generation's allegedly "disruptive" difference from either the insularism of the first generation or from their own early self-absorption, the latter typified by Lord Byron's obsession with the Island's conflictual literary scene in "English Bards and Scotch Reviewers" (1809; 1: 227-64), or by the circular returns effectuated by Keats's Endymion, which ends in death, or the apotheosis of the mortal protagonist, and Shelley's Alastor, which ends with the hero's death, or the transcendence of an impossible mourning.
This is stretching the limits of insularism a little too far.
4) Novick evinces a wry scepticism about the paranoia, ethnocentric insularism, and sectarian complacency discursively produced by contemporary evocations and institutional memorializations of the Holocaust in the United States.