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Increasing global insularity is having little impact in curbing Africa's development agenda.
The best language teachers are a thorn in the side of British insularity and reticence.
Fortunately, insularity is not an "all or nothing" moral proposition.
My aim in this essay is to suggest a notion of religious knowledge that respects the challenge of the insularity problem.
Theorizing the disciplinary insularity of contemporary activist basic writing scholarship, the article calls for an expansion of conceptualizations of political engagement in relation to Generation 1.
I propose that a lack of an obvious racial or ethnic majority and a loss of communal insularity contribute to functional multiethnic communities.
If the UK was shown the door from Europe, cold reality of insularity would soon become apparent.
If Jewish life cannot thrive in an open environment of opportunity, choice, freethinking, affluence, success, and first-class statusif we really do need tsuris, czars, pogroms, poverty, insularity, closed minds, and anti-Semitism to keep us Jewishthen Jewish life as we know it will not, and should not, survive the first half of the twenty-first century.
An international symposium on the influence of insularity on arts and handicrafts innovation will be held next July 19.
But, as Canete declares in the introduction of her well structured work, all three (a perfect number--three writers, three islands) of these figures manifest the specific subthemes of exile she wants to explore: cultural insularity, race, nationality, the politics of the islands in conjunction with the fraught politics of Spain in the aftermath of a devastating war, geography (a lost geography and a found one) as a motivation for writing.
Do those Muslims who work or go to college not interact with the wider community and is not a tendency to ignorance and insularity not common to many communities, both immigrant and indigenous?
Recommendations are offered for a) institutions of higher education to alleviate the insularity of their campuses and for b) the foreign-born faculty themselves to use their foreignness as an asset.