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Yet the epidemic does not erode the raw, insuppressible energy of the mother mourning both the death of her son and the dismantling of the African family through the spread of "the white man's slow poison," which, unlike African-grown curses, cannot be removed.
He was difficult, but had insuppressible energy to the point of self-destruction.
During my visit to the museum, I had the opportunity to meet Buck and to hear firsthand of his belief in the insuppressible nature of hope and dreams.
Emerson remarks drily, 'I have found that Englishmen have such a good opinion of England, that the ordinary phrases, in all good society, of postponing or disparaging one's own things in talking with a stranger, are seriously mistaken by them for an insuppressible homage to the merits of their nation' (p.
It is important that such a confrontation continues even in these times of renewal for the consecrated life and of cultural disorientation that risks frustrating the human heart's insuppressible need for truth.
Lew had all the attributes the media wrote about and the speakers at the Memorial Service so fondly recalled: his towering intellect, his humor, and his insuppressible way of saying exactly what was on his mind.
This fatal desire"--writes Bastiat--"has its origin in the very nature of man--in that primitive, universal, and insuppressible instinct that implies him to satisfy his desires with the least possible pain.
Those gifted at put-downs find the temptation insuppressible.
Karen Ziemba, known as the insuppressible character in Contact who liberates all women from cranky, abusive husbands, was a radiant mistress of ceremonies at the Theatre Development Fund-sponsored event held at New York's Hudson Theatre in May.
It is not just that no one has yet won The Million, though it will be interesting to know what effect it will have on the programme when someone does, but also on the insuppressible notion held by almost every viewer that they could, or indeed should, be the person answering.
Infused by the defiant spirit that ignited Egypt's biggest popular uprising, "Microphone" is a bold, rebellious and uplifting look at a determined, insuppressible generation unafraid to challenge both the bureaucratic political system and the stoic society at large; the secular, enlightened youth who fired the first shot of the revolution and led the entire nation.