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Additionally, we may choose, in those few cases where insurability could be settled with one more bit of information, to pursue that further evidence and thus optimize the conservation of quality business.
Assumptions about risk and risk management are being re-evaluated at all levels--the potential for loss and how this affects insurers' risk appetites; the insurability of certain types of risk within the framework of traditional markets; and the need for governments, businesses, insurers and other stakeholders to work together to plan for and respond to catastrophes.
Forum presentations and breakout sessions focused on topics including medical uses of genetic information, racial profiling and DNA evidence, behavior and genetics, and genetic discrimination related to employment and insurability.
Under the FCRA, creditors and insurers in specific circumstances may use certain consumer reports as the basis for sending unsolicited offers of credit or insurance to consumers who meet certain criteria for credit worthiness or insurability (so-called prescreened solicitations).
40), Boyle told us about her National Council of HealthCare Agents and its dedication to helping its customers upgrade risk management and maintain their insurability.
The events of September 11 have again raised the question of the limits of insurability by the market and of the importance of insurance for the efficient functioning of our economies.
Changes in health can affect activity levels in business as well as insurability.
The second section of the book begins with a brief overview of the basic insurability and marketability requirements necessary for the successful development of private risk transfer mechanisms.
In this issue, you'll find that Len Widmer's cover story about commercial aviation delivers some behind-the-scenes perspective about the plight of airlines at a time when their insurability is in turmoil.
In particular, insurability must become a key consideration in permitting land development, particularly in flood plains and coastal locations.
It is designed to keep readers informed on such subjects as disputes over reasonableness of fees, recoverability of fees, billing guidelines, in--house fees, auditing, legislative caps on fees, fee splitting, alternative billing methods, insurability of fees, contingency fees, billing deficiencies, and statutory awards.
Tax coverage is a recent innovation and a large sample from which to draw conclusions about the insurability of different types of transactions does not yet exist.