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The first category includes articles pertaining to the (1) insurable interest, (2) applicants' duty to disclose misrepresentations, (3) interpretation of the policy, (4) timely notice of increased risks, (5) insurance fraud, and (6) double insurance.
contract may be voided for lack of insurable interest creates perverse
Scenario: The client requires an Insurable Value Worksheet be completed by the appraiser.
State law: The parties agree that Colorado law governs the question whether A has an insurable interest in the employees covered by the P policies.
The DRG relative weight looks only at the cost of the disease, since each disease is an insurable event.
If one of the co-owners is not insurable, other buyout methods should be used.
Instead of addressing this crisis, Bush's budget proposal would undo the one working health insurance program for the least insurable population of Americans.
Being the registered owner of the vehicle does not automatically give you an insurable interest for insurance purposes.
That mathematical fact enables an underwriter to take a risk that heretofore has been uninsurable and, by combining it with another, uncorrelated exposure, to make it insurable.
By using a simple model with only four states of nature, Doherty and Schlesinger (1983a) showed that full insurance coverage may not be optimal when an individual's wealth consists of not only an insurable random loss (say, medical expenditure) but also an uninsurable idiosyncratic (background) risk (say, income risk).
In this case, it was the long overdue recognition of mental illness as a medical -- and hence, insurable -- problem.