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Even Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has questioned the ability of the private market alone to insure against terrorism.
According to the company's president, Charles Perry, the incidence of environmental contamination where none was thought to exist was far greater than the incidence of fire and casualty, or other risk real estate owners typically insure against.
FlexProtect-AP introduces state-of-the-art functionality which rebuilds failed disks in a fraction of the time, harnesses free storage space across the entire cluster to further insure against data loss, and proactively monitors and preemptively migrates data off of at-risk components.
As a result, lead poisoning liability increasingly is going to be difficult to insure against.
Variable annuities are unique in their ability to insure against untimely death by offering investors guaranteed protection of their principal investment," said Mark Mackey, president and CEO of NAVA.
MetLife Retirement & Savings announced today the launch of MetLife Retirement Income Insurance(SM), a new fixed deferred income annuity that allows near-retirement employees and retirees to help insure against the biggest risk they will face in retirement: longevity risk.
VGV") to insure against the depreciation of timeshare ownership interests guaranteed by VGV.
The 66-member Coalition to Insure Against Terrorism applauds Secretary Snow for his timely and thoughtful decision to extend this critical component of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA).
Appearing on behalf of the 66-member Coalition to Insure Against Terrorism (CIAT) during a hearing regarding oversight of TRIA, Nassetta said, "We believe that Congress should enact that extension now, this year, to ensure that everyone who needs coverage can buy it.
Research from Evans Data is focused, up to date and the ounce of prevention that helps insure against needing the pound of cure," said Janel Garvin, Evans Data's VP of Research.
In briefest outline, the plan is (1) to educate people about the risk and cost of long term care while they are still young enough, healthy enough, and prosperous enough to plan, save and insure, (2) to notify people simultaneously of the "LTC Contract" by which every American must acknowledge individual responsibility for his or her future long-term care expenses, (3) to extend to people who fail to insure against this risk a line of credit fully collateralized by their estates which enables them to purchase LTC services in the private marketplace, and (4) to recover the cost of care funded by such lines of credit from the estates of people who failed to plan early, prepare diligently and insure fully.
As aviation regulators around the world actively work to establish guidelines for the safe integration of UAS into the national airspace, Global Aerospace is at the forefront of insuring this new industry, helping manufacturers and operators understand how to improve safety, minimize risk and insure against loss and liability.