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The domestic requirements of unforeseeability and insurmountability are relaxed in a case of international carriage.
Kimberly Nance's tightly argued piece, subtitled 'Empathy, Exotopy and Ethics in the Reception of Latin American Collaborative Testimonio', draws on Bakhtin's concept of a two-stage aesthetic process (empathy followed by the author-reader's withdrawal to the external position from which s/he can adequately respond, ethically as well as aesthetically, to the other's suffering) effectively to expose the moral cowardice displayed in the testimonial genre's reception by First World critics, be this manifested in a desire to promote the effacement of cultural and political distinctions between the speaker and the author-interviewer who renders her speech in writing (the empathic reading), or, on the contrary, in an assertion of the insurmountability of such distinctions (hopeless exotopy).
it appears, the author herself) relives her childhood once more, Kingston emphasizes the insurmountability of the girl's crisis by first describing, in minute detail, her planning an ambitious mother-daughter reconciliation, only to let it fail dismally right afterwards.