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This beauty remains in Garip's throat and other thing; but he feels the insurmountability of the barrier between them; so, other than sensing the anguish in his aching heart and the passion welling up in his bones, what can he do?
It is a racism whose dominant theme is not biological heredity but the insurmountability of cultural differences, a racism which, at first sight, does not postulate the superiority of certain groups or peoples in relation to others but "only" the harmfulness of abolishing frontiers, the incompatibility of life-styles and traditions.
Instead of the usual charismatic, stirring, baritone-voiced sort of character the genre dictates should be in this position, Hall, decked out in nerdy horn-rimmed glasses, is small, quiet, resolved to the seeming insurmountability of his task and filled with the weary resignation of generations of oppressed men and women.