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Illinois Brick denied compensation to indirect purchasers ostensibly in an effort (1) to promote deterrence by preserving an undiluted damage award for the most likely enforcer, (2) to avoid complicating already complex antitrust litigation with insurmountably difficult apportionment calculations, and (3) to avoid duplicative liability.
Other times Sara would catch him staring at the floor as if he could see through it, retreating to some place in his mind where he kept the walls insurmountably high.
Barriers to foreign direct investment, which until recently had been insurmountably high, have been significantly lowered, and yet the state still refuses to grant tourist visas to Westerners, opening its borders only to Muslims that travel to Mecca on the Hajj.
In 1999, Alvin Goldman claimed that the Internet would soon outlive its usefulness as a layperson's epistemic tool because finding relevant information would become an insurmountably complex problem.
He brushed off criticisms of his leadership style, including claims that Home Secretary John Reid could not work with him because their personal relationship was insurmountably dire.
troubles in that country would "increase dramatically, perhaps even insurmountably.
The existing relevant patents do not necessarily insurmountably impede a company's ability to exploit its technology.
When freely given, the First Amendment almost insurmountably protects
Furthermore, the fact that the Service's bureaucratic structure already scrutinizes its informal rulings for these qualities suggests that any additional examination needed, in the event that the written determinations became potential factors in judicial decisions, would not produce an insurmountably more severe administrative burden.
but one fears the prospect that it might prove an insurmountably tall order.
Although Martha had earlier acknowledged the constructed nature of childhood memories, the most insurmountably painful aspect of the conversation with her father is the fact that he clearly does not share her memories of the jigsaw puzzle.