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A rising or rebellion of citizens against their government, usually manifested by acts of violence.

Under federal law, it is a crime to incite, assist, or engage in such conduct against the United States.


noun anarchy, defiance, disorder, disturbance, insubordination, insurgence, insurgency, motus, mutiny, noncompliance, outbreak, overthrow, political upheaval, rebellio, rebellion, resistance to government, revolt, revolution, riot, rising, seditio, sedition, uprising
See also: anarchy, commotion, defiance, disloyalty, mutiny, outbreak, outburst, rebellion, resistance, revolt, revolution, riot, sedition, treason

INSURRECTION. A rebellion of citizens or subjects of a country against its government.
     2. The Constitution of the United States, art. 1, s. 8. gives power to congress " to provide for calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the Union, suppress insurrections, and repel invasions."
     3. By the act of Congress of the 28th of February, 1795, 1 Story's L. U. S. 389, it is provided: Sec. 1. That whenever the United States shall be invaded, or be in imminent danger of invasion, from any foreign nation or Indian tribe, it shall be lawful for the president of the United States to call forth such number, of the militia of the state, or states, most convenient to the place of danger, or scene of action, as he may judge necessary to repel such invasion, and to issue his orders, for that purpose, to such officer or officers of the militia as be shall think proper. And in case of an insurrection in any state, against the government thereof, it shall be lawful for the president of the United States, on application of the legislature of such state, or of the executive, (when the legislature cannot be convened,) to call forth such number of the militia of any other state or states, as may be applied for, as he may judge sufficient to suppress such insurrection.
     4.-2 That, whenever the laws of the United States shall be opposed, or the execution thereof obstructed, in any state, by combinations too powerful to be suppressed by the ordinary course of judicial proceedings, or by the powers vested in the marshals by this act, it shall be lawful for the president of the United States to call forth the militia of such state, or of any other state or states, as may be necessary to suppress such combinations, and to cause the laws to be duly executed; and the use of militia so to be called forth may be continued, if necessary, until the expiration of thirty days after the commencement of the then next session of congress.
     5.-3. That whenever it may be necessary, in the judgment of the president, to use the military force hereby directed to be called forth, the president shall forthwith, by proclamation, command such insurgents to disperse, and retire peaceably to their respective abodes, within a limited time.

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Another such leader in Lebanon may or may not soon rise, but the restlessness he personified remains the motivating force behind insurrectionist politics from Tripoli to Sidon to the Bekaa Valley badlands today.
Further, as Bantman's account implies, few insurrectionist anarchists actually undertook violent actions, confining themselves to violent words.
273) The "three primary source documents" by which "Denmark Vesey the insurrectionist is defined" were constructed by the intendant (mayor) "during the summer of 1822," the magistrates (in October 1822), and the governor "in late fall of 1822.
Comparative Philosophy), "A Cautionary Tale: On Limiting Epistemic Oppression" (Frontiers), "Knowing in Space: Three Lessons from Black Women's Social Theory" (Labrys), "Querying Leonard Harris' Insurrectionist Standards" (Transactions of the Charles S.
Buchanan (2000) described it as a cancer-like destroyer with an insatiable appetite and Darmani (2002) viewed it as a demonic insurrectionist creating disquiet in the human heart.
As with any subject as hotly contested as military strategy, Invisible Armies is taken to task occasionally by some critics who question, say, the author's analysis of Vietnam or John Brown's role as an insurrectionist at Harper's Ferry.
Unlike the widely held belief, Shiism does not rely on a revolutionary, subversive, rebellious or insurrectionist political doctrine.
MLike Bruce Springsteen's recent Wrecking Ball album, glam insurrectionist Bobby Conn's latest has robber baron corporations and the resistance of the Occupy movement in mind.
The Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) and the Ejercito de Liberacion Nacional (ELN), Colombia's two insurrectionist groups, responded positively to the proposal.
He went to the cross in obedience to his Father's will, a condemned insurrectionist against Rome.
In recent decades the myth of Caravaggio as insurrectionist has become so prevalent that it is now assumed to be unquestionably true, leading the Kimbell Art Museum to describe him as 'a controversial genius whose short life was rife with conflict and who, in just the last half-century, has re-emerged as one of the most celebrated artists of all time.
The final mode of intervention, violence, was based on an anticipated insurrectionist response to a perceived goal that threatened to reconstruct the entire system.