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Intact Software Distribution complements the recent acquisition of A-TEK DISTRIBUTION by Cognosec and is positioned as a New Age Distribution Business, enabling global access to the vast Enterprise & SME markets with Pay-as-you-Use and Software-as-a-Service cyber security solutions.
Fleet Complete is also proud to be one of the first to offer this solution with Canadian insurance leader, Intact Insurance.
Performance characteristics of six intact parathyroid hormone assays.
For further information regarding Intact Nano please visit Bsquare.
Some proponents of circumcision have made the ridiculous argument that American women would reject intact men.
Results: The limbal epithelial cells cultured over intact HAM expressed the stem cell associated markers (ABCG2, p63) and showed reduced expression of the differentiation markers (Cnx43 and K3/K12) when compared to limbal epithelial cells cultured over denuded HAM, which expressed more differentiation markers at the end of three weeks.
Muslim, a spokesman for the Swat Taliban led by Maulana Sufi Mohammad also contradicted the statement saying that Taliban had entered into peace agreement with provincial government of ANP and not with the central government that was why the agreement was still intact and Taliban would keep it intact.
Of these, 21 involved 1,411 older adults with cognitive impairment and 20 trials involved 1,565 older, cognitively intact adults.
Of these, 21 trials involved 1,411 older adults with cognitive impairment and 20 trials involved 1,565 older adults who were cognitively intact.
And when we have to pay permits to keep our dogs intact, it's not cheap.
The mean MMSE score among the cognitively impaired older adults was 16, compared with a mean MMSE score of 28 among those who were cognitively intact.
It is surprising that you can still find pockets of intact resources from the 18th century within New York City street beds, but you do, and it is extraordinary," said Amanda Suphtin, director of archeology for the Landmarks Preservation Commission.