intangible assets

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The intangible assets can be classified in several ways, which are the base for analysis in disciplines like management, accounting or marketing.
To assess the relationship between intangible assets and economic crisis and how they can influence the value of the companies;
Guidance on intangible assets is grouped under Assets (Topic 350, "Intangible--Goodwill and Other"), while guidance on business combinations is grouped under Broad Transactions (Topic 805, "Business Combinations").
Evaluating intangible assets is not an easy exercise, compared to tangible assets (e.
A troubling sign, as we often find, is a steadily decreasing return on intangible assets.
Some intangible assets (traditional IP consisting of patents, trademarks, and copyrights) have been used in sale, leasing, equity, equity-debt, debt, and sale-leaseback transactions to finance the next round of innovation.
That means that in Russian conditions the market value of assets of companies for 85% depends on the fundamental value of its tangible and intangible assets.
Two valuation experts recently identified common myths that could lead to mismanagement of intangible assets and could also cause confusion with clients:
We must be able to prove that intangible assets exist through a document or computer database.
Intangible assets are those assets that are known to create value but have no form of recordation on company balance sheets.
A weakness of this approach is that any similar company will be making its return on both tangible and intangible assets, so in effect the CIV is a measure of the additional intangible assets the company has over those of a similar company