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Thalia Heffernan wears a grey fox intarsia jumper [euro]40, tapestry skirt [euro]45, tan box satchel bag [euro]35, and loafers [euro]40 Photos: Arthur Carron/Collins
Como pudo un taller como el de Rodrigo Aleman, diestro en talla pero absolutamente inexperto en la tecnica de la intarsia, llevar a cabo esta obra, incorporando las intarsias?
According to SEDONA, its Intarsia product will provide Washington Trust with a complete view of its customers' relationships and interactions.
supplier of Intarsia, the CRM application, has developed a new suite of applications for smalland mid-size banks that will permit many of the usual customer relationship management functions to be outsourced, the company says.
The most magical of the smaller spaces must have been the duke's studiolo, his private cabinet, completely lined with intarsia representations of a Renaissance gentleman's scholarly apparatus.
Ltd, a global manufacturer of intarsia sweater knitting machines, announced today that they have developed a new intarsia knitting machine for intarsia sweaters with the maximum 42 color change in single course.
com) in order to deliver marketing services to Intarsia customers.
Previously, he served as the Vice President of Finance and Strategic Planning for Intarsia Corporation, a joint venture between The Dow Chemical Company and Flextronics International, and held various technical and business positions during his earlier 10-year tenure with The Dow Chemical Company.
Intarsia is specifically designed and priced for small and mid-sized financial services businesses and is easily tailored for each individual organization.
SEDONA's vertical CRM application, Intarsia, was selected to replace the existing system for its comprehensive banking capabilities as well as its out-of-the-box integration with Community National's core processing system.
In the second quarter of 2004, SEDONA completed and delivered, and ACEncrypt accepted, an Alpha release of the life and health insurance version of Intarsia.