integrant part

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On September 2th/14th 1829, at the conclusion of the peace between Russia and Ottoman Empire there were signed three documents: The Peace Treaty; The Separate Document regarding Moldavia and Wallachia (an integrant part of the Peace Treaty); The Separate Document regarding the trade and war indemnities and the evacuation of Moldavia and Wallachia (3).
The promoter of these activities in our country is the Romanian Sport for All Federation (FRSPT) that, through its "Sport for All National Program, Romania 3rd millenary--another way of life", has for strategy to promote and cultivate sport for health, education and recreation, as an integrant part of the lifestyle (Buiac, D.
For this reason, a faulty individual behavior, in comparison with others more organized, once punished becomes an integrant part of the social system, dynamic, integrator in the human action phenomenon.
Business that rely on proposals as an integrant part of their marketing face many challenges.
The lack of HDI relevance in measuring the sustainable progress, meaning that it doesn't comprise the aspects related to the natural environment perceived as integrant part of the Living embodied by the Human-Society-Environment relation, is also reflected by the evolutions registered by the CEE countries submitted to analyses.
Quality inspection, through all its forms, stands for an integrant part, absolutely necessary, of production, with a view to its being rendered effective and modern.
The estimate becomes integrant part of the programme even if for transparency reasons it is advisable that the materials made by experts should be included in a single document.