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Weeks has been a presence in integrative health and medicine since 1983 as chronicler, speaker, organizer, consultant, and executive.
His emphasis on integrative care for Neurological, Endocrine, and Immunological cases has given his clinic a unique place in Whatcom county.
Many of the nation's prominent medical centers have integrative clinics, and managed care plans have adopted some of the language--if not the true values and practices--of the integrative medicine movement.
Justin Laube, MD, is an integrative primary care physician at the UCLA's Center for East-West Medicine who works with senior patients and finds that many benefit from the integrative approach.
At the Center for Integrative Health & Medicine, patients can address their health concerns and goals, and receive a customized health and wellness plan developed by the centers integrative specialists.
Integrative STEM education is good for children, particularly as it relates to educational engagement.
Other integrative medicine modalities such as elimination diets, stress management, homeopathy, and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) should also be considered when managing the effects of GERD or LPR.
Centers for integrative medicine are sprouting up across the country, even at elite institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, and Johns Hopkins, Columbia and Harvard universities.
This kind of motivation is described as integrative motivation.
Myth: CAM therapies used in integrative medicine are not evidence-based.
Roger Martin in his book, The Opposable Mind, provides the reader with an introduction to integrative thinking.
The model of integrative medicine as developed around the world is, however, very different from this narrow perspective.

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