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Bonaventure) calls illumination, wherein a higher power of rationality informs or illumines a lower one, enabling it to know that which is beyond its proper power of intellection.
Stephen Jones, Intellection (UK)'s general manager, said, "By teaming up with an international company that shares our vision, we will be in a position to provide a global, integrated analytical service package - which will place us in an excellent position to serve our clients' needs.
X-Ray Mineral Services has recently merged with Intellection, an Australian company which is the global leader in its high-technology field, and is now launching an expansion with the backing of a pounds 240,000 regional selective assistance grant from the Welsh Assembly Government.
Pure intellectual life" as the vehicle for experiencing and becoming one with the divine presence is supposed to open a view of human intellection beyond reasoning or even understanding.
Automated mineralogy systems are available from two Australian companies: JKTech and Intellection.
With this famous and fateful declaration from the Second Meditation, Renee Descartes gave decisive expression to what has served for centuries now as the fundamental presupposition concerning the nature of the self in all modern, Western cultures--namely, the identification of self with acts of conscious intellection.
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Poetry, prophecy and religion are not evacuated and simply replaced by science, but their roles in comprehending relations between the past and the future, the natural universe and its inherent significance, the empirical and the transcendent, and human perception and intellection are reconstituted in relation to the objectness of things as apprehended by vision, especially vision assisted by optical technologies.
Meanwhile, Jorn Rosen argues (while proposing another typology of his own) that there remains a connection between historical consciousness and the moral function of history: "Historical consciousness should be conceptualized as an operation of human intellection rendering present actuality intelligible while fashioning its future perspectives.
Save That in the very happiest intellection A graceful error may correct the cave.
Too often the end product has been marked more by and desiccation than by energetic intellection.
The willful cloning of genetically identical beings through innovations of human intellection not only calls into question identity on the level of the individual, but begs questions concerning the cosmic "place' of the entire race.