intellectual ability

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Of her sons-in-law he was the one she had most consistently ignored; and all his wife's efforts to represent him as a man of forceful character and marked intellectual ability (if he had only "chosen") had been met with a derisive chuckle.
If He had given me intellectual ability, was it not my duty to employ it for the good of my fellow-men?
Although there is substantial evidence for the nonintellectual factors to be considered as additional criteria in the appraisal of intellectual ability, they are not without complications.
All students, regardless of intellectual ability, had lower exam scores the more they used the Internet for non-academic purposes such as reading the news, sending emails and posting Facebook updates.
While this may be an ideal candidate for a politician's wish list, the reality of the situation is that perhaps 50% of the young do not have the intellectual ability to benefit from a traditional university education and so standards must fall.
It said: "Social class correlates with intellectual ability.
Subsequent chapters discuss ways of measuring (for example) sensory-motor functions, attentional processes, language processes, and general intellectual ability.
The findings support other research in men linking the ratio with fertility, vulnerability to serious disease, intellectual ability, personality traits and musical talent.
It is not enough to establish if there is a discrepancy between a child's intellectual ability and literacy scores, but what the child needs that is the key factor.
But in general the neurodevelopmental effects of smoking remain as mysterious as those of so many other neurotoxicants; neuropsychologist Brenda Eskenazi and environmental health scientist Rosemary Castorina of the University of California at Berkeley reported in the December 1999 issue of EHP, "Although some evidence suggests that maternal smoking during pregnancy may be associated with deficits in intellectual ability and behavioral problems in children, the impact of prenatal or postnatal [environmental tobacco smoke] exposure remains less clear.
The quality of life descends below minimal when the patient suffers extreme debilitation as well as complete and irreversible loss of sensory and intellectual ability (for example, patients on opiates for pain).