intellectual prodigy

See: mastermind
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James (Williams's countryman), "that intellectual prodigy and indefatigable delver into the Caribbean past, .
At age eleven or twelve, she was sent to live with her aunt in Mexico City, where her knowledge and amazing memory established her as an intellectual prodigy.
Daniela Messo, a mathematical and intellectual prodigy raised to be a freethinker and named for a mother she never knew, grows up on her father's secluded estate, unaware of the suffering and degradation that exists just outside the walls of her enclosure.
Miller created a portrait of a "revolutionary intellectual prodigy .
But, even as her student became famous, Sullivan remained objective: ``Helen Keller is neither a `phenomenal child,' `an intellectual prodigy,' nor an `extraordinary genius' but simply a very bright and lovely child, unmarred by self consciousness or any taint of evil.

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