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Despite the magnitude of his architectural influence, unlike less significant designers, Siza does not over intellectualise or theorise about his work.
However you have to recognise that you cannot intellectualise about faith.
HE thing that first attracted me to horseracing was that while you could intellectualise all you wanted to in advance and marvel for a couple of minutes at the spectacle, at the end of the race there was one winner and a lot of losers, both on the track and in the betting shop.
But if, like me, you suspect that the Dickens, Shakespeare and Austen brigade over intellectualise what are essentially simple plots, then I've found a great SMS service for you.
HALLE Berry last week trying to intellectualise her role as Catwoman: "She's a symbol of beauty, sexiness and strength.
We don't intellectualise as to why we do things - we usually know instinctively what we want.
Others are throwing statistics around in a bid to intellectualise Albion's ascendancy - or dismiss it as fluke.

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