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These accounts may leave us passive with respect to desires that persist in motivating us in the face of our deliberative verdicts, but on the purely intellectualist account of the will we are considering, that must be true for the perceptualist as well.
He was openly critical of "the banal intellectualist syncretism of ordinary Hinduism," of Hindu polytheism, and of "the voluntary and painful techniques" of Hindu asceticism that strive "toward the unification of Me," (47) while simultaneously praising Gandhi, who, in his morality, virtues, and righteous example, seems, in Massignon's interpretation, to have transcended the inconvenient particulars of Hindu faith.
One of the variations we find on the central intellectualist theme is, for reasons we will immediately see, particularly noteworthy:
Eriugena's intellectualist immaterialism: is it an idealism?
It is misleading to compare the careful, intellectualist scholars of the past with the popular demagogues of the present.
This theory proposes an intellectualist and Durkheimian view of the phenomenological process identified by Turner and Bloch.
The best selling titles in Arabic are intellectualist, pushing away the younger generations from reading.
Stevens has a reputation for being an intractable and difficult poet, sometimes even a frivolous and trivial one, despite the fact that he is not an abstract intellectualist.
James (1909: 296-7) was also clearly aware of the limitations of conceptual understanding, at least when it comes to our inner life: "The real units of our immediately-felt life are unlike the units that intellectualist logic holds to and makes it calculations with.
Yet Goldsmith himself commits a similarly intellectualist fallacy when he asserts: "the preapocalyptic condition that ought to be transcended, the multiplicity of voices that is never subsumed into a commanding unity, perseveres in Blake's work .
Ergon and Eudaimonia in Nicomachean Ethics I: Reconsidering the Intellectualist Interpretation'.