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While local architects intellectualize and debate the structure's conceptual strength--as the pixellated concrete fuselage is steadily sheathed in multiple layers of profiled metal and glass louvres--for Nouvel and his team the facade's apparent complexity condenses their vision of the tower as a fluid mass; a 142m geyser piercing the ground under a consistent and measured pressure.
She is enlightening on things such as French drivers (especially at roundabouts), French gynaecologists and the French education system but is prone to intellectualize and hold forth on 'big ideas'--a tendency that shows how thoroughly she has assimilated French ways.
If you intellectualize violence too much, you may not attend to the very human consequences," Christie suggests.
Throughout our preparations, classroom debates about the play's meaning were interspersed with movement exercises designed to help students feel, as well as intellectualize, some of the play's conflicts.
Thanks to the scientific accumulation of fraud investigation information, we can address customer complaints in product development and underwriting, standardize and intellectualize accident investigation, and improve claim agents' performance and efficiency.
Leadership is the eighth wonder of the world - easy to intellectualize, but elusive to actualize," said Burnison.
You can't intellectualize recovery, and sometimes that's where I fall short.
This ploy allows Grisham to intellectualize any discussion of the racism that dominates Miss Callie's life and the lives of other African Americans in Ford County.
It is pretty easy to sit around a table and intellectualize about [Wise's] stuff and talk about what you're willing to give up," Frankie Trull of the Foundation for Biomedical Research told The Daytona Beach News-Journal, "until you or somebody you care about is hit with some terrible disease.