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We assume that we under like influence should be alike affected, and should achieve the like; and we aim to master intellectually the steps and reach the same height or the same degradation that our fellow, our proxy has done.
Brain, and not brawn, endures; and those best fitted to survive are the intellectually and commercially powerful.
Intellectually they were children, inhabiting the physical forms of men.
For there did they all sit together whom he had passed during the day: the king on the right and the king on the left, the old magician, the pope, the voluntary beggar, the shadow, the intellectually conscientious one, the sorrowful soothsayer, and the ass; the ugliest man, however, had set a crown on his head, and had put round him two purple girdles,--for he liked, like all ugly ones, to disguise himself and play the handsome person.
At that meeting Vronsky perceived that Golenishtchev had taken up a sort of lofty, intellectually liberal line, and was consequently disposed to look down upon Vronsky's interests and calling in life.
But I swear I judge her intellectually, simply from the metaphysical point of view; there is a sort of symbolism sprung up between us, a sort of algebra or what not
KARACHI -- Karachi Vocational Training Centre for Intellectually Challenged (KVTC) on Thursday organized first of its kind of Expo displaying skills and talent of challenged people here.
These fifteen essays include information on the human rights component of advocacy, including a short history of the movement, the rights of people with an intellectual disability and their families, how knowing that one has the right makes all the difference, using techniques to secure the right to inclusive education for all, a technical comparative approach to training the intellectually challenged in drafting, approaching issues of gender, working with people who are intellectually disabled and deaf, the special case of indigenous people with disabilities, and making best use of the new diplomacy.
Contract notice: Intensive assisted living for intellectually and / or multiply impaired people in the mountain district of germany.
Marvelously documented (145 pages of endnotes) and intellectually provocative, the author argues in succeeding chapters how the Reformation contributed to the exclusion of God from the public square, the relativizing of doctrines, state control of the churches, the subjectivizing of morality, the emergence of consumerist society, and the secularizing of knowledge.
The rock star explained that everyone wants to do more things in their lives and he wanted the same as he feels that being a rock singer is an intellectually undemanding thing to do.
The 18th edition saw 1,100 visually impaired and 150 intellectually challenged students.