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Schuler's husband, a freelance engineer named James Harper, sold these documents to polish intelligence agents for upwards to $250,000.
Summary: Iraq aired a confession from a suspected al Qaeda member on Sunday who claimed Syrian intelligence agents trained foreign fighters like himself in a camp before sending them to carry out attacks inside Iraq.
In November, 2001, a former Libyan intelligence agent was jailed for life for the bombing.
Machon claims she will reveal the name of a trade unionist who was a Soviet agent and a British intelligence agent who also spied for the USSR.
Liu Chao-ying, an intelligence agent in the PLA and daughter of one of Red China's top military and party leaders, attended a White House fundraiser, was photographed with President Clinton, and contributed handsomely to the Clinton campaign.
The families say that despite the conviction of former Libyan intelligence agent Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi, many important questions remain unanswered.
FORMER associates of intelligence agent William Stobie said they gunned him down in Belfast.
A Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, said they had killed an intelligence agent in Mangjik district.
Islamabad, May 26 ( ANI ): A Pakistani intelligence agent who interrogated Osama Bin Laden's three wives said they were fiercely loyal to their husband and gave little away when they were questioned after the Al-Qaeda chief was killed in a U.
Masri said that the Cairo meeting was coordinated by the Egyptian government, who sent a high level delegation led by intelligence agent, General Omar Qanawi.
Summary: A hero's welcome given by Libya to former intelligence agent sparked anger on Friday in the United States and Britain which both warned Tripoli of serious diplomatic repercussions.
A GOOD week for everyone's favourite randy High Court judge/kindly priest/ 70s intelligence agent Martin Shaw.

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