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Intelligence quotient (IQ) level and its distribution of school-age children in 2005 Frequency Year n distribution (%) IQ (mean [+ or -] SD) <69 70-79.
Results: Childhood intelligence quotient (IQ) did not differ significantly by category of food supplement use (i.
Additionally, many of these students exhibit lower academic achievement and more cognitive deficits with lower intelligence quotient scores and lower arithmetic, reading, and verbal scores than their peers.
I'd have presumed that Dr Summers is like one of those Victorian dons who thinks a girl's Beauty Quotient is supposed to be twice her Intelligence Quotient.
I'm not talking about IQ, the notorious intelligence quotient.
Study conclusions have been mixed, with one retrospective study conducted in the United States concluding that women with untreated thyroid disease had offspring with intelligence quotient scores an average 7 points lower than others in the study (N.
An ambitious project by the BBC is giving people across South Wales the chance to find out their IQ or Intelligence Quotient in a special evening's viewing.
While business runs on brainpower, people thrive and excel on the power of emotions, or what I call emotional intelligence quotient (EQ).
Her IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, a number so readily bandied about by many boffins, is something Sylvia is reluctant to disclose.
This new evidence is no surprise to those behind the latest rage in corporate competence - the idea of emotional intelligence (EQ) as a counterpart to intelligence quotient (IQ).
A 1996 study by Sandra and Joseph Jacobson of Wayne State University found that children exposed to low levels of PCBs in the womb grew up with a lowered Intelligence Quotient (IQ), poor reading comprehension, short- and long-term memory problems and difficulty paying attention.
Here's a sample of opinions, followed by suggestions on improving your networking/schmoozing intelligence quotient.

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