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But all of these genes together account for just a small percentage of the variation in intelligence test scores, the researchers found; each variant raises or lowers IQ by only a small fraction of a point.
In fact, psychological research continually shows that when measures of motivation are pitted against intelligence tests to better predict grades or graduation, motivation wins.
Although IEP decisions are team decisions, intelligence tests remain an integral part of educational diagnosing.
In the district examined, an individual referred for an evaluation was administered an intelligence test (typically a WISC-III) and an achievement measure (WJ-III).
These results suggest examinees evaluated by examiners who are provided deliberate test practice and have more experience with the administration and scoring of an intelligence test will tend to obtain higher scores than examinees evaluated by examiners who have less experience and deliberate practice with test administration.
Educators and psychologists have used intelligence test extensively and with sufficient success for us to feel justified in noting their application with children.
Out of the 140 children who were among the top 10% for at least one intelligence test, only a minority of 38 children, or about 27%, were identified as gifted by both tests.
Measuring minds is a rich and informative biography of Henry Herbert Goddard, the man credited with being the first American to realize the potential and applicability of the Binet intelligence tests and help their dissemination throughout America's institutions.
And Charles Murray, then as now an AEI fellow, wrote 1995's The Bell Curve, which argued that intelligence test score differences among the races were in part genetically determined.
Like Piaget, Vygotsky was not intrigued by children's intellectual level, as measured by an intelligence test.
What must be remembered is that behavior genetic research can only estimate to what extent the variance of one measurement, such as intelligence test scores, is correlated with the variance of another measurement, such as genetic differences, in a population of individuals.
The committee developed a prototype of the Army alpha examination, a group-administered paper-and-pencil test given to wartime recruits, which was the first large-scale administration of an intelligence test and a landmark in the development of standardized testing.

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