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Intelligence tests can be made up of Raven's Matrices, word analogies, word recall cues, and more.
This case ultimately led to the current state of affairs in which it is impermissible to use any standardized intelligence tests in California schools for any purpose on African-American students (Larry P.
Intelligence tests were administered in childhood at the ages seven, nine, 11 and 13 years, and again in adulthood at the age of 38.
No significant interaction effect is evident between examiner level of experience and the specific type of intelligence test administered [Wilks' Lambda = .
An intelligence test score in early life is partly a record of what the environment has wrought on the brain and the rest of the body up to that time.
Like Piaget, Vygotsky was not intrigued by children's intellectual level, as measured by an intelligence test.
What must be remembered is that behavior genetic research can only estimate to what extent the variance of one measurement, such as intelligence test scores, is correlated with the variance of another measurement, such as genetic differences, in a population of individuals.
The committee developed a prototype of the Army alpha examination, a group-administered paper-and-pencil test given to wartime recruits, which was the first large-scale administration of an intelligence test and a landmark in the development of standardized testing.
The doggie intelligence test is a 12-part examination which scores the dog on things like how it reacts when you grab your coat or pick up your keys and its lead.
When MTBI is suspected, "(a)ll too often, global indices such as intelligence test scores are used to presumably (yet inadequately) gauge the severity of [an individual's] deficits.
In the initial evaluation, the intelligence test most likely to have been administered was the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Revised (WISC-R, Wechsler, 1974; Reschly & Wilson, 1990).
Furthermore, even though girls entering grade school score the same or better than boys in every sort of standardized intelligence test (except math), by the time they are ready to take their college aptitude tests (either the SATs or College Board Achievement Tests), girls have fallen behind boys in every academic area of testing.

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