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In addition, the solution will serve as a helpful planning tool for customers to intelligently expand their server environments down the line.
As virtual machines are deployed, moved and removed, ZXTM VA intelligently routes incoming traffic so that it is always delivered to the most available, responsive machines.
16) Deal with the vendors honestly and intelligently and you have nothing to fear except your own mistakes.
We selected the Kronos solution because of its ability to help us quickly and intelligently find talent who are a best fit for our properties and the job.
SYS is the first software product engineered to intelligently connect and manage devices in homes and buildings supporting legacy and new device standards like UPnP.
AlarmPoint Systems will showcase the next-generation AlarmPoint platform, an enterprise-wide notification and event resolution application that centralizes IT system events, intelligently dispatches based on interest or assignment and enables remote problem resolution.
Priority - This view uses Predictive Ranking to intelligently predict which subscriptions and articles will be most important to the reader at any given time.
Organizations can further trim the costs of information work by connecting the Attensa Feed Server to Attensa for Outlook, a business class RSS reader designed to help knowledge workers cut through information overload by intelligently prioritizing RSS feeds and articles.
Unlike traditional systems that move entire files or volumes, QuickStart ILM is able to intelligently migrate data at the block-level.
For mobile search to be practical it must intelligently provide specific results and not multiple links.
The NexTone MSX is providing Cable & Wireless with the ability to interconnect intelligently with carriers worldwide to provide high-quality wholesale VoIP services that are seamless and secure.
As the first phase of this initiative, Juniper is today introducing the new Open IP Service Creation Program with immediate availability of an open application programming interface (API) to enable applications to interact intelligently with the IP network.