intended result

See: end, intent, purpose
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One of the executioners pulls a lever, and the intended result - the experience of electrocution - is expressed in a major amplification of lighting and sound.
The intended result is to provide an enhanced range of financial products and services to the Traverse City membership, he said.
The intended result of this procurement is a professional and effective manner closed.
There is no assurance that these strategies will achieve their intended result.
The intended result is to create a more efficient and secure system which allows for real-time updates and easier monitoring, which in turn will allow critical rail assets to be better managed.
The intended result of this tender is enclosed in a professional and effective manner Agreement with a Contractor who has demonstrated to be setting up the N444b which the project objectives are achieved within budget and planning, for the agreed quality and within the expert boundary conditions.
Intended result of the tender is a framework contract with a maximum duration of 4 years.
By combining EAI's educational management expertise, KPMG Peat Marwick's accounting, financial management and system experience and Johnson Controls World Services' facility management skills, the intended result will be "to dramatically improve student performance without spending additional dollars," according to Golle.
The intended result is that appropriate medical treatments will be dispensed far more accurately, and for less money.
Intended result of this tender is to enter into an agreement with one party for the ICT management in 15 locations of the contracting authority where Secondary Education and Special Education is provided plus a location of the staff office.
The intended result of the plot was to place pressure on the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government for failing to provide security for its citizens.
Using up some of its reserves has the intended result of course, with the Brent crude price dropping by about six percent.