intense thought

See: care, diligence
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With every costume and/or party, comes intense thought in creating tricks and treats that will surprise and scare.
The footage used in The Green Cinematograph (Programme 1: Pipe Smoker and Overflowing Sink), 2010, essentially comprises two separate films, each entirely banal: In one, we see Graham himself as an old-fashioned, Father Knows Best kind of serious guy with a pipe clenched between his teeth and a slight frown of intense thought on his face, sitting in a leather armchair in a darkened space; in the other, a sink slowly-, and rather dramatically, overflows with bubbly water (I couldn't help but think of David Medalla's "Bubble Machines," 1963-94, and of the bubble sculptures of Roger Hiorns).
However after intense thought and discussion, we have chosen the four finalists and we look forward to seeing how they fare during their two week sessions.
The treatment of so few texts, with just a glance at Cockaigne and some of Utopia's later progeny, allows Kendrick room for intense thought but means he must ignore many texts that might confirm or modify his arguments: that adventure in dystopic carnival reversal, Joseph Hall's Mundus Alter et Idem, William Bullein's popular Dialogue Against the Fever Pestilence (1564) with its description of "Nodnol," and even some French texts related to Rabelais that exploit Cockaigne--such as Les Navigations de Panurge, with its delightful custom of rejuvenating old men in vats of wine.
Designed for both the student of military history and practitioners of the profession of arms, this work will provoke intense thought and study.
But praising the structure the judges said: "Every single decision, from the diameter of the base, to the materials used, to the landscape context and the lighting regime has required intense thought, both on the part of the architect and associated consultants.
Whether we realize it or not, a decade of intense thought, organizational change, combat experience, and preparation has placed us in the midst of a true air and space power transformation.
The inclusion of the preliminary studies grants viewers an understanding of the sculptor's creative process, marked by intense thought and considerable trial and error.
Quim Monzo has given intense thought to all the ways human beings can fail to communicate and to all the ways he can communicate that failure.
Every technology decision was made with intense thought and focus into making sure that Stagee will be a friendly and comfortable nest for talent; and with a great view," said Ofer Zelig, CTO of Stagee.
This stage also includes intense thought leader development, which peaks during this period with an average expenditure of $3.
One of the more intense thoughts was this voice inside my head: 'They're not here to hurt you.