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Seeing his country transformed by "the great mechanical energies - coal, iron, steam," he expressed his dislocation with special energies of his own: "Not a Polish Jew fresh from Warsaw or Cracow - not a furtive Yacoob or Ysaac still reeking of the Ghetto, snarling a weird Yiddish to the officers of the customs - but had a keener instinct, an intenser energy, and a freer hand than he - American of Americans, with Heaven knew how many Puritans and Patriots behind him, and an education that had cost a civil war.
I began to cast about for some way to blame her for my own lack of intenser desire; I watched her for subtle indications of "putting me off," as though she were responsible for extruding an aura around herself, like a seducing Circe, but in reverse, a cloud of unexcitement that neutralized her beauty's effect.
sun pleasurable), and the intenser hot sun of midday which can be painful, they call nat taendabiy (lit.
Bridges wrote of his friend Dolben, what could also be said of Hopkins, |he had a much intenser poetic temperament than I.
Perkins shows that Nag Hammadi texts adapt the notion of a sleeping Logos from such authors as Philo, Plutarch, and Alcinous/Albinus, but do not follow them in seeing the beauty of the visible world as a foretaste of an intenser quality in the upper realm.
The heavens of America appear infinitely higher, the sky is bluer, the air is fresher, the cold is intenser, the moon looks larger, the stars are brighter, the thunder is louder, the lightning is vivider, the wind is stronger, the rain is heavier, the mountains are higher, the rivers longer, the forests bigger, the plains broader.
154: the world seems bared of its covering and given an intenser life.
Die botsing tussen ideaal en pragmatiek, kuns en samelewing, werklikheid en konvensie wat Botes se "gedig" aktiveer, is veel intenser en komplekser as in Duchamp se geval.
If the physicist can suggest any plausible way of escaping this demonstration, either logically or by mathematics, he will confer a great benefit on history; but, pending his decision, if the highest Will-power is conceded to have existed first, and if the physicist is to be granted his postulate that height and intensity are equivalent terms, while fall and diffusion are equivalent to degradation, then the intenser energy of Will which showed itself in the primitive extravagance of variation for which Darwin tried so painfully to account by uniformitarian formulas, must have been--and must be now in the constant process of being--degraded and lost, and can never be recovered.
larger and intenser life, a career, a total consecration
The horror of "the triumph of life," as a parody of death (that is, a parody of life), is that the sun of the opening lines of Shelley's final fragment "hastening to his task / Of glory and of good" becomes in the fragment "a cold glare," ["that lighted stare"] intenser than the noon / But icy cold, obscured with [] light" (77-78).
Discrimination based on race, class, colour, gender, and religion is intenser and nastier than ever before, as more people(s) are thrown (or, in such conditions, condemned to live) together in this century than at any time in the past.